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Reviewed by: lizandra085 on: 2014-07-22
rudest people that I have ever met,especially after ordering so many times from them. If their site is down and an hour or so has passed and you call to confirm your order, they act like it's your fault. They are all about their money but their service sucks.
Reviewed by: skinnychef2000 on: 2013-12-06
We always love your food! We are going to try to order again online tonight. Last time, our order was not here as said. But, we had an apology & we're willing to try again!
Reviewed by: Casey Q. on: 11/9/2013 4:50:46 AM
If you're in the nabe, this little place does a good job on the basic Chinese take-out oeuvre, with a few ruffles and flourishes that make it worth the trip, or the call for delivery.Their hot and sour soup is consistently good. Anything with broccoli in it never disappoints. They take special requests like "please no green peppers" without batting an eye, and you get it how you asked for it.It's not blazing any Asian-cuisine trails, but neither is anyone else who leaves menus on your apartment door. These folks do a good job, and are my neighborhood go-to for Chinese food.
Reviewed by: Eiren G. on: 10/14/2013 9:38:26 AM
I'm not sure if it was just an off day, or whether the quality is starting to slip. I've been a long time patron of China Panda - while it's not amazing, it's usually a decent choice for Americanized Chinese food. I've been craving Chinese lately, so I stopped by today for a late lunch. My entree was nearly flavorless - the "garlic sauce" I'd ordered tasted like watered down sweet and sour sauce with some chili flakes tossed in for "heat". The majority of the dish seemed to consist of green peppers rapidly approaching past-prime freshness. The steamed white rice was either on the old side, or undercooked, as it was on the hard and chewy side. I also ordered fried vegetable dumplings, which are usually fantastic. The dumplings today were just OK, with soggy filling that squirted liquid everywhere while attempting to eat them.I'm pretty disappointed with this visit, but I'll give them another try.
Reviewed by: F1802680 on: 2013-01-09
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2007-11-20
After getting takeout here a few times, I can make the following statements: 1) Delivery is punctual 2) Portion size and price is fair 3) Food is among the best Chinese takeout I've ever had I almost always get shrimp lo-mein and it's only been less-than-great once, but it was still decent. Ask for extra shrimp, it's only $2 more and practically doubles the shrimp you get. I think I'll have to order some now, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. My only problem with this place is a $12 minimum on delivery orders, but with gas prices I really can't complain.?